Thursday, October 16, 2008

Yeah! Our First Meme

Karen has tagged Dudley & Friends for the 7 Things About You Meme. Here are the rules:

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We are going to list one thing about Dudley and each of his friends that will every so often pop up on his blog. As luck would have it, there are seven of them. Here are the players; first the obvious four: Dudley, Andrew Eugene, George and Gretel. The other three are not so much friends as acquaintances Dudley sees every weekend when we go to the parents house - Dickon the Corgi, Morgun the Cairn Terrier, and the four parrots will be treated as one. So without further ado...

1. Dudley

Dudley loves people food and his favorite is eggs. Every morning he will sit in one of the kitchen chairs and wait for us to make our eggs. The waiting is usually done quite vocally with pitiful cries because we are not cooking fast enough. If allowed he would eat the entire plate of eggs and leave none for us. I'm not sure his vet would approve!

2. Andrew

Andrew is a giver. He feels we are not bringing in enough funds from our Etsy shop, so when we go to bed, Andrew gets busy. He will go through our knitting bags - if we forgot to put them away from his reach - and pick projects to work on. Typical help from Andrew will include moving the project from the first floor to the second floor to one of our bedrooms. He considers it really helpful if he can drop a few stitches along the way.

3. George

George's most favorite thing in the whole world is his food. He keeps all his favorite toys in the dry food bowl. Sometimes to the point where there is no room for the food. We know when the food is getting low when the toys start to show up in the tv room or kitchen. His favorite toy is monkey and if monkey makes it out of the bowl, we know things are really dire!

4. Gretel

Being the only female, Gretel is the diva of the group. She feels she is WAY above the male morons and should not be expected to fraternize with them. She has yet to acknowledge the existence of one very spoiled black and white kitten. Though she is the smallest by far, we call her the vacuum cleaner when it comes to eating. She can put away more food than you would think possible considering her tiny frame. She prefers to eat separately from the group and despite how hungry she might be she feels it is only right for us to bring her night wet food to her, wherever she might be. She will not come when called, it's our job to find her. The other night we couldn't find her anywhere. We checked each room two or three times, yelling for her and checking in boxes. Finally after about 45 minutes of searching, I opened a closet door that looked like it was closed tightly. There she was, stretching and giving me this look like "Oh, were you looking for me. Here the whole time!" This is Gretel.

5. Dickon

Dickon is a Welsh Cardigan Corgi. He is our mother's puppy. She saw his puppy picture online on a Wednesday back in February. That Friday (48 hours later) we were driving down to Arkansas (from NJ) to pick him up from the breeder. We drove 19 hours each way on Superbowl weekend and he was worth every minute. He is the happiest dog I have ever seen. He actually smiles and has dimples. He is a big reader and if you leave your book lying around, he will read/eat it. He is particularly fond of any book that belongs to Amanda. He is NOT a friend of Dudley's, though he thinks he is. However, since the humans control this blog, he will be featured occasionally.

6. Morgun

Morgun is a cranky old man. He is our Dad's Cairn Terrier. He is blind and diabetic and recovering from issues with his pancreas. He has been known to bite the hand that feeds him and for some reason we all love him anyway. He is happiest when it is just he and his man (Dad) in the kitchen. He recently tried to take on the felines and George came charging out of his room and pretty much kicked the crap out of poor Morgun, though he tried to hold his own.

7. The Birds





The parrots are my mother's. They are housed on the sun porch at my parents house which is separated from the living room by french doors. Andrew and Dudley love to sit and watch them through the french doors. Each of them talks to some extent, though Merlin is the conversationalist. Each has their own personality and despite the fact that they are a pain in the neck to care for, they are amusing and great pets.

Well that was probably way more information than anyone counted on but now you know a little something about Dudley and all his friends and relations.


karengberger said...

That was fun -- thank you! I love the photos, and learning who is who in the "extended family." BTW, our neighbor has a wonderful corgi. He is one of my favorite dogs in the world. Blessings to all of you!

KBL 2 ORD 2 SAN 2 LUV said...

Studley! Oh how I have missed you!!! I love this post! Tell your human I said so.

I met a Spanish Dudley while in Platja d'Aro. We named him Dudleo. We would have brough him home but for the issues with customs. Ha!

Can't wait to scroll and find out what you've been up to. Love to you all!!!

KBL 2 ORD 2 SAN 2 LUV said...
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the dragonfly said...

I want to snuggle Gretel. She is just so beautiful! Do you think she'd let me??


Smileygirl said...

Wow! What a menagerie of animals! LOVE them all. Boswell looks like he's quite a ham.

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