Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Is this not the most hideous, ghastly thing you have ever seen?

Owly Images

How could anyone even think of bringing that inside?? They say it's my nephew, son of my so called sister, but I can't be related to anything so ugly. And I don't want to hear about how she and I are the spitting image of one another! See? No resemblance - so called sister on left, me on right.

But you know what I saw?? Through the window I saw them pick it up and ooh and aah over it like they think it's the cutest thing they have ever seen.

I know they are planning to bring the monster inside but I put the word out to the sis that she better get her offspring out of the yard and not bring them back. I told her that she and "the family" abandoned me and they owe me.

I'm not big on sharing or competition by the way!


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Anonymous said...

You're right. You look nothing like that other cat. They must need glasses :-)

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