Thursday, May 28, 2009

How Can You Get Mad At This?

Recently, I have been testing the boundaries of this theory that they can't get mad at me because I am, well...Dudley.

The other day, I may have stepped over that line. The "other one" came home from work and I felt she wasn't feeding us fast enough so I jumped on the counter to help her. Ungrateful as she is, she didn't want my help and put me on the floor. However, I know that she NEEDED my help so I jumped back up on the counter. Now is it my fault that she put a bowl right where I was landing? No, I don't think so. She blamed me anyway and then made everyone wait to eat until she cleaned up the broken dish. This did not sit well with George, Gretel and Andrew. I was trying to help clean it up by taking a broken piece out of the room in my mouth and that seemed to make her more agitated. Just as the mob syndrome was about to take place with the other three cats attacking me, the front door opened and in came my woman. The "other one" said "Go on, you'd better go tell her why the others have to wait to eat!" So I went to greet my woman and as expected she did not get mad at me. However, out of spite, the other one got the vacuum cleaner. I think that was a bit of overkill since the broom was doing fine and I'm not the one scared of the vacuum. Have I mentioned before the others are S-I-S-S-I-E-S? Of course, that just made them madder at me, but I gots me my woman and that's all I need!


Mary Beth said...

Yeah Right! It's all the "other one's" fault!

amanda said...

sissies, hehe.... Those sissies are going to get you while you sleep, Dud!

Helen/Dudley said...

Mary Beth - yes it is your fault, we all know you hate me!

Amanda - I sleep with my woman and she will protect me!

karengberger said...

He is as cute as can be. It would be very difficult to discipline him for anything (I know, because we have this problem at our house)!

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