Friday, May 30, 2008

Day 6 - 5/30/08

Weight: 7.6 oz - gained .5 oz from yesterday

Feedings: Every 4 hours

Eaten in last 24 hrs: Approx 68 ml of KMR - increase of 22.5 ml

Stimulation: Everything still working :).

I take it as a good sign that little Dudley is gaining weight so quickly, though it's no surprise since he is eating more and more every day.

We tried feeding with the bottle again yesterday and that was a disaster. Poor little Dudley just couldn't get the nipple to work. So we are using 1/2ml syringes which takes forever since he is eating approximately 13-14ml per feeding now. Hopefully, Nurse Amanda is coming to the rescue this weekend with some 3ml syringes.

One thing we are learning is that there is absolutely nothing wrong with his lungs. He, like any infant, has taken to SCREAMING when he wants either to be taken out of his box or to be fed. It's amazing the volume coming from something so tiny. Today's pictures are of Dudley sleeping on his good friend Mary Beth's lap after one such demand to be taken out of his box.

After a week of the every 4 hour feedings, I am EXHAUSTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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