Thursday, May 29, 2008

Day Five - 5/29/08 - 14 DAYS OLD

Weight: 7.1 oz

Feedings: Every 4 hours

Eaten in last 24 hrs: Approx 45.5 ml of KMR (Started powdered mix at 3:30PM feeding)

Stimulation: Everything still working :).

Dudley (as you can see by the 18 ml increase in food) LOVES his new powdered mix KMR that I got from Petco yesterday. He gained another .3 oz. His new thing yesterday was purring. When he is finished eating and I am drying him from his clean up and stimulation, he has this tiny little purr.

When I took him out of his box for his 11:30AM feeding today he had some crusty discharge in both eyes, so we will have to keep an eye on that. I am hoping it is only because sometimes when I am trying to get the syringe of food in his mouth he will jerk his head and a little gets near his eyes. The syringe the vet gave us to feed him with is pretty much worn out so at the 3:30PM feed, we are going to try to get him to take the bottle again. I stopped by the vet this morning to get new syringes, which they very willingly gave me, but they gave me 1/2 ml syringes and using them will make feedings last forever since he is inhaling about 11-12 ml per feed now.

George of the Jungle is getting used to Dudley's presence - no more growls or hisses. He even came over to check Dudley out yesterday and we got an ambivalent (as opposed to negative) reaction from George.

Gretel is somewhat interested when she comes downstairs. She'll come over and check him out and then walk away totally disinterested. So the maternal instinct still hasn't kicked in.

Andrew is still very interested. Today, he really wanted me to put Dudley down on the floor with him but it's kind of chilly so I am trying to keep Dudley wrapped in his warm towels and off the floor today. Andrew comes for every feeding (including 3:30AM) and a couple of times has even come up on the counter to try and help.

These pictures were taken this morning after Dudley's 7:30AM feeding. As you can see by the last one he was sick of the paparazzi!


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amanda said...

I will bring you 3 ml syringes... He looks awesome! I can't believe how much weight he is putting on...

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