Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I am not a big fan of thunderstorms and we had a doozy this morning. I got very concerned before it started because she went outside in it to take a picture.

I am not sure of thunderstorm protocol, but I am pretty sure if the sky looks like this you get you rear in the house pronto. I mean who will feed us if you die????????

I was being very brave, much braver than my counterparts, sitting at the window watching the rain. But then the thunder was so loud, I figured
she had to be terrified and it would be best for her if I joined the other three felines under the table at her feet. Someone has to protect these humans!

On a separate note,
she is making noises about me having to share blog space with the other three cats. I am not sure this is a good idea but she says since there is not something exciting happening in my life every day, maybe I should share and let the others have their say. She seems to think that you, my faithful readers, will not find it exciting to read about how I played with a piece of cardboard for hours or that I slept all afternoon. Well, being the easy going Dudley that I am, I am willing to try anything (I prefer this statement when food is involved), plus they are still much bigger than I am. So for introduction purposes here they are:

First my best bud and mentor, Andrew Eugene.

Next, George of the Jungle.

And finally Gretel - she hates me.

I chose these particular pictures on purpose to show you how "fascinating" they are! Since they spend 95% of their time like this, I am not sure how they will be more interesting than 24/7 Dudley!

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catnip said...

Dem roomies of yours have some tubby bellies!

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