Friday, September 5, 2008

The Summer of Dudley, Oh What A Summer It Was...

Labor Day was a few days ago (another excuse for her not to post, holidays...pshah) and I heard her say "Where did the summer go???" Do you really have to ask that question? Where did your summer go? I'll tell you where it went. It was the summer of Dudley! And here in all my stunning glory is a pictoral recap of...



Week One - We meet for the first time

Week Two - Me and my best bud Andrew for the first time

Week Three - Mary Beth and I bond and watch TV

Week Four - My Favorite Toy (Even now every night before we go to bed, they have to search to find where I left my green mouse because I don't go to bed without it).

Week Five - The Plan for The Great Escape begins

Week 6 - The Great Escape from my box complete, I take over my chair as my new sleeping digs.

Week 7 - She loves me so much she makes me a toy!

Week 8 - Another toy just for me??????

Week 9 - Just can't help myself from chewing on Andrew's tail!

Week 10 - A growing boy needs to relax every now and then

Week 11 - Best Buds Forever

Week 12 - I didn't do anything wrong!

Now - I watch them attempt to play their WII Sports games.

I think life is going to be OK for me! I hit the mother load when my mother left me behind and I cried in that garden and the giants came and picked me up. Turns out I like giants, who knew?


catnip said...

This is ridiculously cute. I love your blog Dudley. ;)

Mary Beth said...

turns out the giants are kind of fond of you too:)

karengberger said...

Dudley definitely brightened our summer days! We love him; thanks for sharing his journey and his pictures. He's part of our extended family now. I'm embarassed to tell you that some of us here have nicknamed Dudley Doo-doo-Boo-boo (we CAN'T STAND BABY TALK, but he is just so cute)!

Kay said...

He's so cute.. growing into a big boy. What a cutie-patootie!

denise said...

He's so CUTE! especially love the Week12 photo, he sure looks really innocent. Haha:)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful summer...:-)

the dragonfly said...

Wow had a fabulous summer!!!

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