Wednesday, July 22, 2009

She's Going Away...

As most of you who have followed this blog from the beginning know I found Dudley abandoned by his mother when he was barely 10 days old. I hand fed him and taught him everything (EVERYTHING) his mother would normally teach him. This is what my little rat looked like:

It has been just over a year since Dud and I joined forces and in that time we have forged a very strong bond. He follows me everywhere, if I would allow it he would follow me to work. When I am home he always needs to know where I am and god forbid he "loses" me, when he finds me he comes yelling at me as if to say "Where the Hell have you been?" These feelings are completely reciprocated on my end. I adore this little creature I saved.

In our year together, Dudley has never spent the night without me. Where ever I go, pretty much he comes too. Until now. Tomorrow morning, I leave (with Mary Beth) to go to the BlogHer 2009 Conference in Chicago WITHOUT Mr. Dudley. We will be gone until Sunday night. My youngest brother is coming to house and feline sit.

Dudley is not a stupid cat, lazy and spoiled rotten but not stupid. He knows something is going on (I think the other three cats are telling him horrible things). He has been unusually insecure and needy over the last 24 hours. The other three cats know something is going on as well, Andrew tried to follow us out the door to work this morning. I think they all thought it was happening this morning.

So this is a warning to anyone going to BlogHer and the management at The Red Roof Inn in Chicago, don't be too surprised if there is a stowaway in my bag. Not sure who it will be harder for tomorrow morning when I leave, me or Dud. I'm thinking me!It's happened, I'm officially the crazy cat lady, sigh, we knew it was bound to happen sooner or later!


KBL 2 ORD 2 SAN 2 LUV said...

Oh sweet little Duddles...I do so remember when you were rescued into the most perfect little home any cat would ever want!!! I love that picture!

Seriously though, of all the people God chose to have found ladies were perfect!!!!

karengberger said...

I love this posting, especially the last sentence. I think if you really were the crazy cat lady, you'd be too crazy to notice, so I think you're still safe.

Good luck over the weekend. I hope all of you have fun! Maybe Dudley SHOULD go to the conference with you, as he's the topic/inspiration of a blog.

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