Sunday, July 12, 2009

We Hate Summer Weekends

You may be asking yourself why we hate the weekends in the summer and guess what we're going to tell you!

1. It all starts on Friday night at treat time, we DO NOT get treats instead we get herded like cattle into tiny little boxes (at least they have the decency to give each of us our own box).

2. Then the boxes with us in them are carried - very ungracefully, banging us into walls and such - out to the car.

3. She drives like a MADWOMAN!!!

4. After HOURS in the car (actually about an 1.5 hours) we get to the beach house. Where we immediately are locked into two tiny rooms.

5. It is now usually after midnight so they throw some treats at us and go to bed and we have to sleep two cats per bed because there is no furniture other than the beds in this house and the floors are all hardwood. Do you have any idea how small a single bed is? Now add two "healthy" cats and one human. There's just not enough room for all us to be comfortable so the humans sleep like pretzels.

6. During the day they try to keep us locked in the rooms but Andrew (smart old Andrew) has become an expert at springing us. Here's pictures of me and Andrew in the laundry room where we DON'T belong. That's me checking out the sink!

7. AND here's the worst part of the weekends, they spend all their time with the DOGS!!!!!

8. Then on Sunday night, back into the boxes and the car and the crazy driving and cursing.

So yeah, summer weekends SUCK!!

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