Sunday, August 9, 2009

BACON!!!...bacon, bacon, bacon!!!

Remember that commercial for the dog treats with the dog running through the house yelling "BACON!!...bacon, bacon, bacon!!"? Well I love bacon that way. If you think this is odd, you must be a new reader, so Welcome!

I got a surprise treat of bacon last night because she was trying to take my picture. It all started as she went down the stairs, I looked out of the railing above her and OF COURSE she thought I was so cute and ran to get her camera, throwing over her shoulder "Stay right there, I'll be right back". So she came back with the camera and tried to recreate the whole picture but by that time I had gotten a case of nerves and didn't want my picture taken plus Andrew had come to see what was going on so he was much more interesting than she was. Enter the bacon!! I didn't even plan this but the other one came out with bacon and was trying to entice me to look through the railing again. Long story short, I got tons of bacon, she never got her picture, and I even stole Andrew's bacon because he doesn't mind sharing with me. He's cool that way!!

I am just too cute for words!


Kay said...

Yes you are!

karengberger said...

I loved that commercial, and you are making me laugh, remembering it...thanks!

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