Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dudley Teaches a Lesson

Humans should put their clean clothes away, right? Not leave them in the basket overnight for a black & white hellion to raid? Well, She left her clean clothes in the basket last night and I decided I would teach her She should put them away. In the middle of the night I stole a pair of socks (you might remember I have a thing for socks) from the basket. Even though they were in with the clean clothes, they did not live up to my standards of cleanliness, so I washed them again in my water bowl. Then, I put them back in the basket but I wanted to make sure she didn't find them right away so I got them, in all their dripping cleanliness, deep down in the middle of the basket.

She is a very ungrateful person! At first she didn't realize what had happened and just stood there trying to figure out why her CLEAN clothes were wet. Then she found the newly re-cleaned socks and started YELLING. She got a little shrill, so I didn't catch every word, but I KNOW there was no thank you mixed in!! I didn't let the yelling bother me. I just lay there and looked up at her and thought at her "that's what you get when you don't put your clothes away!"

Here endeth the lesson.

I am posting this picture so she will hopefully see and remember how cute I am and that will help her get over her grumpiness.

Seriously? How can you stay mad at that face?


tlc illustration said...

Heh - I don't think it *is* possible to be mad at that cuteness... :-)

karengberger said...


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