Monday, August 24, 2009

Mi Familia

I, Dudley Graham, have not authorized this post. I refuse to accept the implications in this post as I am an orphan and there is only ONE of me. But I obviously have no say as they are planning to feature these imposters all week!

In the backyard of the house at the beach my founding father has been feeding the rabid stray cats and THEY seem to think just because they found me in that yard last year these are my family members. They think the mother of the kitten is my sister, I see no resemblance.


My Supposed Sister and her devil spawn My Nephew/Niece

THEY seem overly enchanted with the devil spawn kitten and you will be as sick of him as I am by the end of this week. He's approximately six weeks old and all black with just a small white patch on his chest.

I have been elected spokesperson for the felines in this house and we are VERY happy with the way things are. We DO NOT want or need any additional animals in this house. So pictures better be as far as this fascination goes!!!

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