Monday, November 3, 2008

Florence Nightingales

After she hurt her back she then hurt her heel. As she does with everything, she stubbornly tried to fix the heel herself by ignoring it hoping it would go away. Obviously, this strategy did not work and she finally went to the ER on Friday. Turns out she hurt her Achilles Tendon. While we have no idea what this means, we do know that she needs to not move around and keep her foot elevated giving us a lap 24/7. So we decided we needed to sacrifice and take care of her over the weekend.

We all took turns over the weekend keeping her lap warm for us.


karengberger said...

Oh, wonderful heat therapy! That, and a purring "motor" will do you a world of good, I hope! God bless you.

the dragonfly said...

You are all very sweet.


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