Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving With the Humans Was No Picnic

Dear George -

Quit your whining! I got to go with them for Thanksgiving and it was no fun on my end. First, on Wednesday, they incarcerated me in my carrier and drove me down so I could keep the idiot Dudley company. Does the idiot look like he needs company??

Then, they dump us in our room and go away for the entire day and night with NO instructions for anyone to feed us at 6PM like we are used to. Then when they finally decided to return at 12:30AM, you would think they would want to appease us and give us our missing dinner. However, in their infinite wisdom, they decided it was "too late", so they just gave us treats. Then on Thanksgiving, we got left alone again all day. She finally took pity on me and took a nap with me. Then they went off to eat Turkey without us, then they came in and incarcerated us again and drove us home where we had to share "our" turkey with you and Gretel. So as you can see from this picture, I had no fun.

I would have been happier if I got to stay with you!

Andrew Eugene

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