Friday, November 14, 2008

Not Loving the IPhone

She started the job this week and as expected, I DO NOT LIKE THIS AT ALL!!! I like having her around all day to entertain me and cater to all my needs. Just this morning, I got her to play with me for an hour or so. She was trying to work on the computer but I just jumped up on the computer and then she would have to throw one of my toys so I would get off the computer. She feels too guilty about leaving me alone for two days this week to just pick me up and remove me from the computer. Guilt is a good thing!

Last night I was sleeping on her lap and she whips out her phone and starts taking pictures of me. I am not as in love with these iphones as they are! A boy can't even take a nap in peace any more. At least before if she wanted to take a picture of me she would have to get up to get the camera and I would have time to move or change poses before she got off a shot. Now there is no warning just click and the picture is taken!

Guess who turns 6 months next week? Hint: It's not Andrew, George or Gretel. I have taken the liberty of registering myself at Petsmart & Petco. Only CATNIP toys please!!!

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KBL 2 ORD 2 SAN 2 LUV said...

Happy Birthday you sweet little boy! I just want to kiss him all over. Funny how one of the blogs I'm constantly checking belongs not to a person, but to a cat! I love it! Are you seriously registered? Let us know. I know I'd get you something right away, although I don't know if any of what I'd get would be half as good as what your mama makes for you!

I love you Studley...may you have many, many more Happy Birthdays!!!

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