Saturday, August 2, 2008

Andrew Teaching Dudley All the Bad Habits

It seems Andrew is intent on teaching Dudley all his bad habits. This is a photo taken about 3 years ago of the top half of our front screen door.

That is Andrew hanging from the screen door. When we moved we were sure we were going to have to replace the screening on the door because of all the claw holes in it.

This picture was taken last night of our back screen door. Mary Beth was outside grilling dinner and obviously someone objected.

This is the same picture pointing out the players in the photo.

As you can see, screams of "Get off that screen!" from both inside and outside made a huge impact on Dudley! Andrew is on the ground cheering him on "You can do it! They'll love your new trick!"


the dragonfly said...


I never had a cat climb the screens, but we had a (tame) squirrel who used to climb up the front window screen when she wanted us to feed her. When we went outside she'd climb up our jeans. She once climbed onto my dad's shoulder!

karengberger said...

When I was growing up, our cat used to do this. I recall one time, when he was kept inside with a splint on his leg (because of injuries received in a fight), he climbed the screen with three legs and the splint. I wish I had a photo of that! Aren't cats hilarious? We love Dudley and Andrew!

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