Thursday, July 31, 2008

Yarn What Yarn????

I apologize for the fuzziness but the little felon wouldn't stay still.

Weight: 3 lb 2 oz

This morning I woke up to my knitting project upstairs in the hall not downstairs with my knitting where I left it last night. It is a project that involves working with four double pointed needles, 3 of which have the stitches on them and the fourth is the one you knit with. The fourth needle was missing and I soon found out that Mary Beth found it in the shower. This is an Andrew thing. He likes to "help" us knit while we sleep. However, when I turned to tell him that he had obviously been busy, trailing down the stairs and into the living room was my ball of black yarn. The ball of yarn was at the bottom of the stairs and the unraveled portion went up the stairs, back down the stairs, and under the couch. I said "Oh Andrew" and what comes flying out from under the couch but Lord Dudley with the black yarn wrapped around his ear!!! Does he have to pick up all of Andrew's bad habits???? Before you think I might have maligned poor Andrew, he was the instigator in the "knitting project", he just gets help now!!

1 comment:

Kay said...

What a delightful little stinker! He's so cute I'm sure it's hard to fuss too terribly much at him. *smile*

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