Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Unholy Alliance

Weight: 2 lb 11.4 oz

Feedings: Every 6 hours

Food: I am supposed to eat wet kitten food and dry kitten food, but yesterday I discovered my fellow felines do not eat what I do. Did you know they have a bowl all of their own in the laundry room? Well they do and that food is sooo much better than mine. And it is down all day long, so I can just go have gnosh whenever I feel like it. Being big is better!

On the subject of food, George and Andrew love my food. They are very nice and finish whatever I don't eat. They really like my dry food, so we have worked out a system to fool the humans. When I want food I sit on the floor and scream and one of my humans will come and put me on the counter so I can eat without being disturbed by George or Andrew. So I start eating and give whichever human is there my "I'm going to be a while" look so they go off and do whatever humans do. They just listen to make sure they hear me chewing and once I stop they come and recover the food so George and Andrew can't have any. So once the humans are out of the way, I get down George or Andrew jumps up and has a snack. Eventually, my humans catch on and come and cover up the food but at least I can get my buds a few bites before they come. Sometimes, they won't buy the look and stick around so plan b is that I become a very messy eater and pieces of my food "accidentally" fall to the floor to my waiting buds.

Andrew and I are now best buds. I go everywhere he goes and he plays/fights with me. Last night he even decided to sleep with me on HER bed. This is so cool because now when we wake up at 3:00AM we are right next to each other and don't even have to get down off the bed to play. We would let HER play too if she wanted, but SHE gets very cranky when we wake HER up that early. Geez, SHE could go sleep somewhere else if sleep is soooo important! SHE got some pictures of me and Andrew being buds this morning.

We are both in this picture, just count the legs!


amanda said...

Poor Andrew....

Ahava said...

Oh they are so cute together!! Makes me want kittens again!!

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