Monday, July 7, 2008

Day 44 - 7/7/08

Weight: 2 lb 2.1 oz

Feedings: Every 6 hours

Food: KMR 2nd Step mixed with water mixed with a spoonful of wet kitten food. Slowly mixing more and more of the wet food in to wean off the formula.

Dudley here...Now that I am almost 8 weeks old, I have decided to author my own blog. It was getting a little ridiculous, I mean SHE hasn't posted about me in 4 whole days. How am I supposed to keep my Blogoshere star status if she keeps using excuses like vacation and work to avoid blogging about ME.

I have a new friend in Andrew Eugene - SHE calls us her black and white bookends. Now that I am looking like a cat, Andrew (SHE calls him Huge Eug but that is not dignified so I call him Andrew) has decided I might be OK. We like to play. Our favorite game is when I bite his legs and then he chases me. SHE says Andrew may not like it as much as I think, but SHE is wrong. Just look at how Andrew protects me while I sleep.

Here SHE is yelling at me to not touch Andrew while he sleeps and I am trying to communicate to her that I am just looking at him. SHE's kind of dense sometimes because she kept yelling at me. I may have to take over the picture taking too. SHE focused the camera on Andrew so I am fuzzy - the nerve!

When I sat down to show her that I wasn't bothering Andrew, at least she focused properly.

Well that didn't take any time at all, I don't know what she complains about not having time to write my posts. I will just have to do it myself from now on.


the dragonfly said...

Well! It is lovely to hear from you at last, Lord Dudley. You are quite good at this blogging thing. You made me laugh, first thing in the morning! :)

Mary Beth said...

better to use those claws for typing, dude, rather than shredding my arm!

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