Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Day 38 - 7/1/08

Weight: 1 lb 13.4 oz

Feedings: Every 6 hours

Food: KMR 2nd Step mixed with KMR Formula mixed with a miniscule amount of Iams Wet Kitten Food. Too much is too much of a change and he won't eat.

When he is not sleeping, Dudley loves to play. His newest favorite plaything are feet. He will grab them and chew them. Mary Beth learned the hard way last night that socks are a necessity in our household these days. He has two favorite cat toys - a pink rabbit and a green mouse. They go everywhere with him and today's pictures are Dudley with his favorite toys.

It's My Rabbit and You Can't Have It!

Hide and Seek


the dragonfly said...

Aww...I love the paws over the face!

karengberger said...

He is too cute for words! I love him!

amanda said...

Seriously, he should be careful. I am sure Gretel is planning a secret mission to kidnap the adorable brat that has invaded her house.

Dudley, Dudley, Dudley....

Smileygirl said...

Ok that does it. These pictures are photo shopped. NO ONE CAN BE THAT CUTE!!!!

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