Monday, June 30, 2008

Day 37 - 6/30/08

Weight: 1 lb 13.4 oz - Not quite the 2 Lbs I was expecting, but porky gained about an ounce a day.

Feedings: Every 6 hours

Food: KMR 2nd Step mixed with KMR Formula mixed with a miniscule amount of Iams Wet Kitten Food. Too much is too much of a change and he won't eat.

Well we got home last night after being gone for a week. We had a really bad thunderstorm right on top of us at about 2:30 AM. I woke up and checked on Dudley, the poor little guy was sitting up in his box shaking like a leaf. I picked him up and he just curled up in my arms and shook until the storm was done. Then it took a while to get us both back to sleep.

Toady's picture is titled "Ah..Home Sweet Home". Dudley resting after his long night. Unfortunately, there was no sleep for the weary nurse maid because I had a week's worth of shipping to do and I just finished at 9:30PM which is why Dudley's update is so late getting posted today.


amanda said...

Can we bottle him?

the dragonfly said...

Poor little guy...storms have got to be scary for such tiny ears! Lucky for him you were there to comfort him..

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