Thursday, June 12, 2008


Weight: 1 lb 1 oz

Feedings: Every 5 hours

Eaten in last 24 hrs: Approx 195 ml of KMR

Stimulation: Still making progress. Dudley actually went a little all by himself last night (all over Mary Beth). She was rubbing his tum and then I heard her say "Did you just pee on me?" Except for the fact that it was on Mary Beth, HUGE step!

Technically, Dudley is only 4 weeks (not a complete month) old today but we are celebrating a month anyway. What's not to celebrate? He is a very healthy 1 lb 1 oz and progressing exactly the way he should so - Happy Birthday Dudley!!!

So now that we have reached the 4 week milestone, Happy Birthday Kiddo I am now going to take away your bottle, make you use a litter box and move your feedings up to 6 hours! ENJOY :)

I don't think the 6 hours is going to be a big deal. Dudley is getting less and less interested in the early morning feeding. For the last couple of days he only eats about 15 - 25 ml in that feeding, while during NORMAL hours he is eating about 40 - 50 ml per feeding.

Taking away the bottle is going to be a process but there is a 2nd Step KMR formula that has the consistency of oatmeal that I am supposed to start to introduce during the 4-6 week time before he goes to kitten food. He has still shown absolutely no interest in lapping his formula from a saucer. However, the issue is going to be forced soon enough because his sharp little teeth are getting bigger and sharper and soon enough they will pierce the nipple making bottle feeding impossible. Right now his teeth are so cute, when he opens his mouth to scream at me, it's like a little kid who just has two teeth.

Every so often Dudley has bad dreams. I can tell because his breathing gets alarmingly heavy and fast. I attribute it to bad dreams because all I have to do is pet him to bring the breathing back to normal. He usually doesn't wake up but just relaxes in his sleep. Last night during his quality time with Mary Beth she said he was breathing really heavily and I said he was having bad dream and she just needed to pet him and he would calm down. Next thing I look over and see this (warning these may be the last pictures I post of Dudley because I'm not sure it gets any better than this).


the dragonfly said...

What a cute little guy!!

Happy...uh...well, hooray for one month! :)

amanda said...

Dudley is starting to look like a real kitten, rather than the alien variety....

Mary Beth said...

I love the way he's pointing his toes!

Kyla said...

Amanda sent me over! I just found a kitten, too. The vet thinks she is 5 weeks and weighs exactly one pound. She's a skinny little dear, but we'll bulk her up!

Kay said...

Tooooo cuuuuuute! oh. my. gosh!

Gillian said...

It's the "wave"... ha ha!

(u didn't show me these, MB)

Smileygirl said...

OMG HOW DID I MISS THIS PICTURE!?!?! I'm just reviewing Dudley's posts and found this now! He is the cutest little kitten with SOOOO much personality. He needs his own Youtube Channel. I LOVE him so much.

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