Monday, June 16, 2008

Day 23 - 6/16/08

Weight: 1 lb 3.3 oz

Feedings: Every 6 hours

Eaten in last 24 hrs: Stopped counting because on a mix of formula and 2nd Step Gruel. He is eating though, so no worries.

Stimulation: Still making progress. Little better from Saturday.

Dudley has pretty much switched completely to the KMR 2nd Step Food. It has the consistency of paste so using the bottle is out of the question. Both Saturday and Sunday we tried to teach Dudley to lap his new food. Finally I literally spoon fed him just to get it in him. This is a very, very messy feeding technique. Thick paste all over Dudley, all over me, all over the counter and we go through at least 2 towels per feeding. However, this morning, we were back home and I tried using his little saucer to feed him and the 6:30AM feeding he was the master lapper. We didn't have to use a spoon at all. The 12:30PM feeding was a little half and half, because Dudley got lazy half way through. Poor guy is so full after eating his paste that he has no room for his bottle. He wants to have some just for the comfort of it but he is too full.

Today's picture is Dudley after eating at 6:30AM today before I cleaned him up. You can see his "paste" beard and all the little white spots in the picture are his food.


Mary Beth said...


amanda said...

Poor Dudley, he is already ready to go back to sleep...

karengberger said...

He is so cute, I can hardly stand it! I want to pick him up and cuddle him; I love his messy face in this photo.
Have you thought of making a book about his journey? It would be a wonderful teaching opportunity for the elementary school ages. You are doing a great thing, and it's fun to follow his progress.

Kay said...

Wow.. he is just tooo cute. I come and check in him several times a day just go gush over his cutey-ness! What a sweetie! *gush-gush*

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