Saturday, June 28, 2008

Day 35 - 6/28/08

Weight: 1 lb 7.2 oz - No new weight to report because no scale available

Feedings: Every 6 hours

Food: KMR 2nd Step mixed with KMR Formula mixed with a miniscule amount of Iams Wet Kitten Food. Too much is too much of a change and he won't eat.

Dudley is still down on LBI helping us take care of The Ark, so he doesn't get to run around as much as he would at home because one of the members of The Ark is a hyperactive, 6 month old, Welsh Cardigan Corgi puppy named Dickon. The floor is Dickon's territory and he thinks Dudley is one of his toys that just happens to move and squeak occasionally.

Up until this morning, Dudley has been very good in the mornings. He usually is awake when the alarm goes off to wake me up to feed him at 6AM. I wake up and he is entertaining himself in his box. This morning the jail break was at last successful. I woke up to find Dudley on the floor looking up at me OUT of his box. I guess he feels that now he is 6 weeks and one of the big boys, he should not be confined to a box. It's not like the other cats have to sleep in a box! Being able to confine Dudley, was my last bit of sanity. I'm still not sure what the other cats are going to do to him, so as long as he was confined to his box I knew he was ok during the night. I guess that ship has sailed!

Today is family picture day.

This is what Gretel (grey), George (orange) and Huge Eug (black & white) think the family portrait should be.

Ah, familial harmony!

Gretel has had it with familial harmony. She is the lone female and has no need for another male in the house! Notice Dudley the Bruiser's paw is ready to give Gretel a good wallop.

Soon after this Dudley realized he would lose this fight and walked off the edge of the bed. Unfortunately, I was laughing too hard and the camera was shaking for the picture of his less than graceful landing to come out.


Mary Beth said...

You have to love how, while all this is going on, Euge remains asleep and George has just turned his back on the whole affair!

amanda said...

I am just today getting near a computer at this conferance to check Dud's progress... Looks like mb must be sleeping on the floor or windowsill with all of the big cats on the bed....Love him getting out of the box...

Smileygirl said...

OMG YOU MUST GET VIDEO! This is too good. I can only imagine the noises and hisses that come out of these guys. Dudley has turned everyone's world upside down. Except for Euge.

the dragonfly said...

The image of Dickon thinking Dudley is one of his toys just slays me.

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