Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Day 10 - 6/3/08

Weight: 10.5 oz (that's a 1 oz increase in 24 hours!!!!!!!!)

Feedings: Every 4 hours

Eaten in last 24 hrs: Approx 91 ml of KMR

Stimulation: Still making progress.

Dudley's back legs are getting stronger every day. Last night as he watched TV with his good friend Mary Beth he was lying on his back and became so enchanted with the fact that he could bring his back foot up to his head to clean it. Then he went exploring all over her and was doing more of a walk than the crawl he has been doing up til now. Then this morning just before his 7:30 AM feed I caught him actually walking around in his box. It's a very wobbly walk, but soon I think we may not be able to contain him!

Dudley got to go on a field trip yesterday afternoon. He refused to go to sleep after his 3:30PM feeding and I had to go pick up Mary Beth from work (her car is in shop AGAIN). I didn't feel comfortable leaving him by himself while he was awake and moving around or in leaving him in Huge Eug's care, so he got to take a ride to Mary Beth's office. She was so excited she took him inside so her co-workers could admire the little stud.

Dudley sends huge thanks to KBL 2 ORD SAN for her unexpected, lovely post about him. We hope all the fame doesn't go to his tiny head!

Last night I made Mary Beth hold Dudley for his Posture Pictures. The pictures had very little to do with posture and more to do with trying to photograph his substantial tum. They are not very dignified but you get an idea of his round tum. He had just finished eating and getting cleaned up from eating which is why he is a little wet and straggly.

Finally, Huge Eug is feeling neglected since up until 2 weeks ago, most of the pictures I took were of him. So he posed to show what a dignified cat looks like. Anyone who knows Huge Eug will understand the irony of him being the "dignified one"!

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amanda said...

Seriously, Dude... You are AWESOME and very round...

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