Friday, June 27, 2008

Day 34 - 6/27/08

Weight: 1 lb 7.2 oz - No new weight to report because no scale available

Feedings: Every 6 hours

Food: KMR 2nd Step mixed with KMR Formula mixed with a miniscule amount of Iams Wet Kitten Food. Too much is too much of a change and he won't eat.

Not much to report today other than Dudley's pictures of the day. I will say this is one very well adjusted kitten. When he is not sleeping (which is more and more every day) he is exploring and into everything. Wires are our new favorite things to chew on - if they are electric and plugged into the wall, all the better!!! He wants me to play with him constantly. However, when he is ready to sleep nothing gets in the way. He could be mid step and he will literally drop and sleep.

Today's pictures are of an attempted jail break.

The drop was a little too far for the dare devil, so he retreated back into his box and took it out on his toy mouse.


the dragonfly said...

I love the shot of him looking over the can just see him trying to figure if he can make it. :)

The friends had a kitten they named Laser Lips: he bit into a wire, got shocked, and burned his mouth. He was fine, but he always looked a little funny. And he never chewed on another wire! :)

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Dudley is JUST adorable... I keep meaning to come by and look, because I hear Smileygirl and KBL extolling the "Virtues of Dudley!"

He is TCFW... I will come back this weekend and read his whole story - please give him a snuggle from me! (although it will smell like puppy pee... we're dealing with house-breaking a new pupster over here.)

Really a precious little kitty cat! :-)


Ahava said...

Ha Ha!! I love how he's chewing on the box like he is going to fool you into thinking that's all he's up too... waiting for that moment you look away and he gets his chance... soooo cute!! I love how the mind of a cat works!! :o)

Anonymous said...

I raised my first, Church, from 4 weeks old. Had to syringe feed him, but not stimulate. He was wearing me out so I got him a playmate (best thing ever), but then continued to add another 3 in addition. They are so much fun!

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