Friday, August 22, 2008

Lazy Days Of August

Not much has been happening this week, just spending my days terrorizing Andrew and the humans and sleeping. I have a hiding spot where I sleep and they can't find me. It's fun to stay there when they call and call for me, because they get worried I am lost or got out of the house. Then when I appear they are so happy to see me I inevitably get picked up and loved. Unfortunately, she discovered my hiding spot while I was sleeping and took a picture of me in my closet. As you can see this closet is where they shove everything they don't know where else to put. It is so crowded it makes a nice coccoon for me.

There are some nasty rumors floating around that there might be an appointment with the vet scheduled for today. I am hoping it is not for me, though Andrew says it has to be me since I am the one that needs shots. Not sure what these shots are but considering my last trip to the vet, I don't think it can be good.

1 comment:

the dragonfly said...

Oh, I love your hiding spot. My kitties have spots like that too, I'm always finding them in the strangest places..

I hope your trip to the vet was okay.

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